Companions Rest Memorials

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Companions Rest Memorials for Pets
Companions Rest Memorials for Pets
Companions Rest Memorials for Pets
Companions Rest Memorials for Pets
Companions Rest Memorials for Pets
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Important Information to Please Consider

These Hand Made pieces of ART & Home Décor’ are large 100% Kiln Fired Glazed Ceramic- Porcelain – items of great quality and moderate size to make a wonderful classy display.

The Key here is that we proudly offer ART as an Urn- and not something that screams “ look at me I’m an Urn “ – or a pile of cheap plastic-poly-resin !

These pieces of Cat ART Urns are 85 & 97 c.i. (Cubic Inch Capacity) with the Dog ART Urns being 56 and 85 c.i. & allows the owner to have a homely, classy & low impact – practical ARTWORK Figurine Ornament- that doesn’t scream look at me “ I’m an Urn “.

This Range of Cat Memorials is up to 4 times larger than most smaller “ 16-25 c.i. Cookie Jar & Resin-Plastic Ugly Urns “- whereas our offerings are pieces of Fine Art first and foremost.

These Cat & Dog Kiln Fired Glazed Ceramic / Porcelain Memorials can hold so much more if your client cares, including a small memory toy, collar, bells etc. – again they are pieces of ART & a work of substance & NOT a small low cost basic jar.

· Based on the above- please do not compare on price alone- we proudly offer class, quality, and top shelf, best in class – and VALUE for Money when realistically compared please.

Via PULVIS Art Urns Head Office in Sofia – BULGARIA – they / we so often hear feedback such as – These Cat & Dogs Urns may cost a little more- but offer so much more… We proudly offer a Quality Home Decor Memorial Urns.

· … and .. Our clients are delighted they were offered these options as the small extra cost is long forgotten as they receive so much more.

ALL the PULVIS Art Urns ( both the Pet & Human Range ) are 100% Hand Made, Kiln Fired – Glazed Ceramic- Porcelain –

Think Boutique, Upmarket, Exclusive – NO equal for VALUE, & similar to European brands like NAO®, Wedgwood® & Lladró® & not CHEAP POLY PLASTIC RESIN !

In essence – please don’t get confused between a Rolls Royce & a Ford Pinto, as they are BOTH cars ! – and that’s where the comparison stops.

A fine homely ornament FOR PROUD DISPLAY – that is our KEY DIFFERENCE.

rainbow pearlescent cat urn
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