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Companions Rest Memorials for Pets
Companions Rest Memorials for Pets
Companions Rest Memorials for Pets
Companions Rest Memorials for Pets
Companions Rest Memorials for Pets
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MEOW SERIES #2 Cat Urn – Amber Yellow

Our Discounted Retail Price: $235.00

This Companion Animal Pet Urn is from the MEOW SERIES #2 Range

  • Color Name : AMBER YELLOW #42
  • Material: Kiln Fired Glazed Ceramic- Porcelain
  • Height: 9.4 Inches | 24 cm
  • Width: 7.1 Inches | 18 cm
  • Length: 5.1 Inches |  13 cm
  • Capacity: 97 cubic inches  | 1.6 Litre -1600 cc
  • Weight: 2.4 lbs  | 1.1 kg

Important Information to Please Consider when choosing our Urns

We along with the European based Artisans at PULVIS Art Urns believe in, manufacturer & proudly distribute the finest way to help keep the memory of any & all beloved Companions Animals & Fur-Babies alive.. is through ART !

Each and every High-Quality HAND MADE Pet Urn is Double Kiln Fired ( and some Triple Kiln Fired as is the Rainbow Pearl Colored Urns ) Pet Cremains Urn made of Ceramic and Glazed Porcelain by PULVIS Art Urns for Pets ashes.   

All Urns are handcrafted with uncompromising design, quality & VALUE in mind.  The Artisans believe every loved Fur Baby deserves a stunning, well-crafted and modern designed lasting memorial that will be proudly on display in any setting and/or Home Décor. 

This Pet Cremains CAT Urn may be used both INDOOR or in an OUTDOOR setting such as in a Garden Bed with Flowers etc. or a Pot Plant setting etc.

The Artisans’ desire was to and is always to create a product that makes a major and comforting difference.

PULVIS Art Urns mantra is & support the concept of a group of Artists, Ceramists & Sculptors, who design and create Urns as PURE Artwork at its very best.

Jointly the Modus-Operandi is to offer well priced QUALITY & VALUE far more than “Traditional bland same-same Cookie Jars or Ugly Cheap plastic resin poor quality Urns“ for beloved Companion Animal & your Fur-Babies ashes.


Video of our Sitting Cat Memorial Urn. (may not depict actual colour)

Video Credit: Pulvis Art Urns

Video of the Inner Coating within the memorial urns.

Video Credit: Pulvis Art Urns


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