Companions Rest Memorials

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Companions Rest Memorials for Pets
Companions Rest Memorials for Pets
Companions Rest Memorials for Pets
Companions Rest Memorials for Pets
Companions Rest Memorials for Pets
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Referral Program

Make a successful referral to receive a Free Gift


If you refer a PET CREMATION Service Provider or Veterinarian – Industry Reseller & Colleague to Companions Rest Memorials, & they place a minimum order and complete payment, you could receive a Free Prepaid Visa Mastercard Gift Card worth $100. 

All terms listed below must be met to be eligible for the Free Gift Card. 

  • You must contact us and let us know the name and contact details of the Business or Person you are referring.
  • The person or business you refer must apply to become a Reseller / Sub-Distributor and be successfully approved by us.
  • The FIRST ORDER must be a minimum of 4 x Urns  ( 4 x Pieces ONLY of the PULVIS Art Ceramic – Porcelain Kiln Fired – Hand Made Urns that can be a Mix of Cat & Dog MEOW or WOOF Series #1 or Series #2 & any Mix of Colors IN STOCK )
  • 4 x Pieces ONLY- & the Invoice is must be Paid in Full and cleared in our Bank or PayPal account.
  • Once payment is completed, we will be delighted to send you a PREPAID VISA or MASTERCARD GIFT CARD worth $100
  • The Gift Card is transferable if you nominate a work place colleague, nominee, friend, family member or instruct us who to send it to.
  • The Prepaid Gift Card to purchase a Night on the town A meal with friends…  New clothing.. Drinks for the weekend or anything else of your choosing.

You make a Business Referral

The Business or person you refer applies to become a Reseller or Sub-Distributor

The Application will be Processed

If they are Approved, you go to the next step of the Referral Program

They place a Minimum Order, pay in full and payment arrives in our Bank or PayPal account.

We send you or your nominee the Free $100 Valued Gift Card to use as you or your nominee wish

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