Companions Rest Memorials

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Companions Rest Memorials for Pets
Companions Rest Memorials for Pets
Companions Rest Memorials for Pets
Companions Rest Memorials for Pets
Companions Rest Memorials for Pets
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Companions Rest Memorials

Direct to Consumer & Wholesale Distributor / Supplier of Handmade Ceramic and Stone, Indoor and Outdoor Memorials & Urns for Cats and Dogs.

Wholesale Distributor/ Supplier to:

What We Do and Don't Do:

We Proudly Offer and Distribute Quality Companions Rest Memorials made by Artisans based in Australia, Europe and the USA, to Retail and Wholesale Customers.

Quality Pieces of Art:

These Hand Made pieces of ART & Home Décor are large 100% Kiln Fired Glazed Ceramic – Porcelain and are items of great quality and moderate size to make a wonderful classy display.

A fine homely ornament FOR PROUD DISPLAY – that is our KEY DIFFERENCE.

Wholesale Outdoor Pet Urns and Memorial
Wholesale Outdoor Dog and Cat Stone and Granite Memorials

Outdoor Dog and Cat Memorials:

We Proudly Supply and Distribute Quality Retail & Wholesale Outdoor Sandstone and Granite Memorials suitable for Cats and Dogs.

Personalize the Outdoor Garden Memorial with Full-Color Ceramic Photos and Memorial Plaques. 

Indoor / Outdoor Urns and Memorials

New Additions

We are proud to introduce a revolutionary product to the market .. Our unique Rainbow Pearlescent Range ..
Our Cat / MEOW Series #1 & Series #2 is available now, and our Dog/ WOOF Series new model is available soon.

Watch the video above demonstrating the beauty of our new-to-market, Cat Urns. 

rainbow pearlescent cat urn

Cat Rainbow Pearlescent  Urn MEOW Series 1 and 2
Available Now !

Watch the video above showing how the pet ceramic memorial urns are made.

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